Barn Quilt Painting Workshop

Join the barn quilt movement by creating your own painted quilt for your barn, shed, garage, or garden fence. After a short historical overview of barn quilts, you will begin with a pre-primed 4′ x 4′ board and be guided through each step including: drafting, taping, and painting. After you get some tips to paint the masked areas, you may work at your own speed. Depending on your design and pace, you will leave with a finished quilt or with it almost completed and full instructions on how to complete/seal it confidently. Your finished board will prove to be quite a showpiece in your yard for years to come!  Email additional questions about this class to instructor:

Supplies that will be provided:

  • Pre-primed 4' x 4' exterior grade sanded plywood board. NOTE: Please contact me at least one week prior to class if you want to pay more for MDO board. I recommend this if your quilt will be very difficult to access for any future repairs OR if it is being placed somewhere it will get pounded by the elements. Your paint will adhere altogether better to the professional-grade signboard surface.
  • Pattern templates-see below. (Bringing your own pattern is also encouraged, however if you choose to bring your own, you will need to have it drafted to size before class or graphed-out on graph paper so you understand measurements you will be making on your size of board.) The measurements per size will already be done for the patterns provided in class. It is advisable to stick with straight-lined and symmetrical designs for your first attempt at a barn quilt although many ideas are available on Pinterest.
  • Foam brushes, other paint brushes including small detail brushes
  • Pencils
  • Snacks and waters

You bring the following to class:

  • High Quality Exterior paint. There are a few options. Exterior craft paint comes in 2 oz squeeze bottles which can be purchased at Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, or online. Label MUST READ EXTERIOR! The small sizes work super slick since they are compact and squeezable! If your design has a LARGE area to cover on the 4’x4’, please bring three bottles of that particular color, four if its yellow. DecoArt Patio Paints are my recommendation because they are more proven to be durable and fade-resistant, and actually say WEATHERPROOF on the bottle. If you cannot find them locally, shop Amazon early enough so you will get them in time. Home Depot and Menards sell Paint Samples that range between $3-$8 each, and can also be purchased online or in store. Make sure to get low sheen EXTERIOR house paint samples. DO NOT purchase gloss sheen paint. Remember: The higher the quality paint, the more durable it will be. I do not recommend WalMart ColorPlace paint or the Multi-Surface craft paints. Most stores like Lowes and ACE Hardware will not sell you Exterior samples. In this case, if you prefer purchasing house paint, go ahead and buy the colors you desire in quart size. You will have plenty of paint, but can always use what remains for other projects or to touch up your barn quilt in the future. Again, higher quality paint will last longer, so it’s completely up to you.
  • One roll of 1-inch painter’s tape. Green “frog tape” is best. This tape is AMAZING! Trust me! Don’t get ‘delicate surface’ tape or the really wide Frog tape. There is a cheaper generic version of the green tape out there so MAKE SURE it says FROG tape.
  • A Yardstick. If you can find a 4 foot ruler, measuring goes much faster on the 4' x 4's! Some people prefer T-squares, but I don’t.
  • A blow dryer to use when painting to speed up the drying time. This is vital in being able to accomplish the project in the class time-frame!
  • A sharp exacto knife to cut fine points when taping.
  • Optional: Bring colored pencils or markers if you are unsure of colors and color placement on your template.
  • Though I provide waters and snacks, you might consider bringing a bag lunch.

Notes: The 4'x4' is a large board; prior to signing up, make sure to measure the space you are considering. Plan to transport them in a vehicle that can handle the size. CLASS DAY: Remember to drive a vehicle that the finished board will FIT INTO! If a 2’x2' board is preferred, please contact Mandy Clementz at when registering, as every individual board will be cut, sanded, and primed for you. 

 February 2019 
Levi Dodge Middle School : LDMS FACS 145
Saturday, Feb 23
8:30 AM - 2:00 PM


Full - waiting list

$ 99.00
1 session