AQB1-Bobbers 1 (Preschool-1)

This course is for 3 to 5 year olds that are new to swim lessons. This class is similar to Aqua Kids but is for children that are able to participate without the assistance from an adult.

Skills Include: water entry and exit; bubble blowing; floats; glides; kicking; rolling over; life jackets; and more.

Exit Skills Assessment:-

1. Enter independently using the steps or side; travel 5 yards; submerge to mouth and blow bubbles for 3-5 seconds; then safely exit the water.

2. While in shallow water, glide on front 2-3 body lengths then roll on back and float on back for 3-5 seconds; then recover to a vertical position.

Prerequisites: ages 3 to 5 and comfortable in the water without assistance from an adult.

AQB1-F19 Closed
Dodge Swimming Pool
Saturdays, Sep 7 - Nov 2
9:05 - 9:35 AM

  No Class Oct 12


$ 60.00
per participant

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