AQL3-Level 3

Skills Include: kneeling dive from the side of the pool; treading water; survival float; change from vertical position to front and back float and glide; while vertical- rotate one full turn; breaststroke, sidestroke and dolphin kicks; and more. Strokes Include: front crawl, back crawl, and elementary backstroke.

Exit Skills Assessments:-

1. Jump into deep water from the side; recover to the surface; maintain position by treading or floating for 60 seconds; level off and swim front crawl 25 yards; rest for 30-60 seconds and swim back crawl 25 yards; then exit the water.

2. Push off in a streamlined position; swim front crawl for 15 yards; change position and direction as necessary; swim elementary backstroke for 15 yards; then exit the water.

Prerequisites: Successfully demonstrate Level-2 skills. ~Please bring goggles~

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Dodge Swimming Pool
Saturdays, Sep 7 - Nov 2
9:05 - 9:45 AM

  No Class Oct 12


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per participant

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