Saving Money on College

Parents of HS students will not want to miss hearing a local expert provide strategies to help families navigate the complicated college process and save tens of thousands of dollars.

College is now the second largest purchase most families make in their lives, yet most know more about buying a television. Class will cover common mistakes families make in selecting a college, myths about financial aid, and how to significantly reduce your cost.

Planning ahead and developing a strategy for the college process is crucial to finding the right fit and avoiding unmanageable debt. A must for parents of college bound students.

Suzy Fallon

Suzy loves teenagers and has a passion for helping them figure out what's important to them. Suzy is an avid lifelong learner and is a certified life coach, health coach and public speaker. She is an attorney by training and worked as an executive in the legal publishing industry for over a decade. She received her educational consulting certification from UC Irvine.


  Suzy Fallon

  Community Education (Meadowview) : CE Conference Room 104


  Mar 13
  6:30 - 8:30 pm

$ 9.00
per family
Registration begins  
Dec. 1st